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In light of all the coverage of antifa this week by the counterfeit media, painting these domestic terrorists as fair haired peaceful protestors, I felt compelled to rebut, the only difference being my piece is rooted in reality. As much as I am opposed to all this nonsense, I would have to admit the majority of the protestors in Boston were peaceful, given the size of the group (kind of in the way gerbils or goldfish are peaceful. They sorta just exist). The antifa don't have that many people, due in part to the fact that there are only so many brainless, spineless communist cowards with no jobs to go to out there. Kind of makes it easier to be a bonafide social justice warrior/annoying prick when your days, nights and weekends are free. It appeared there were also quite a few angry black folks causing trouble. Most notably, the woman screaming at a black cop, "you black bitch, you're supposed to be on our side". Rather ironic. Black people saying racist shit to black people, and self deprecating white people saying racist shit to white people. All under the guise of fighting racism. This whole movement is rife with irony, which I quite enjoy. Irony is one of my favorite forms of comedy. Obviously it is lost on the left. Perhaps if they only realized how fucking funny they are, they'd calm down long enough to realize the severity of their mental illness and seek medication and counseling. Speaking of which, here's a real hoot: I know the majority of antifa and others of their ilk don't know the definition of their namesake. We can all agree, however, that they claim fascism as public enemy #1, which can be heard in their numerous clever chants, (by numerous, I mean 3), they use when they shout down free speech, usually via a blood curdling screech through a bullhorn, complements of some militantly feminist troglodyte who is still pissed that she didn't get invited to the prom. Ever notice you never see a smoking hot militant feminist? Antifascists quelling free speech is Ingenious irony in and of itself, but wait, it gets better. Fascism is a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, as well as controlling all media, business and industry. Kind of like Mussolini did. In fact, his death squads and goons dressed a lot like antifa! You can't even write anything that good! Antifascism combating fascism with............ Fascism! They have the forcible suppression down pat, they sure as shit have the media,and their communist convictions do jive with the state run commerce. All they need is a charismatic and intelligent person to be the dictator. Unfortunately, the closest thing they can find among their ranks is a boring dipshit with acute social anxiety and severe acne. Trust me, there's a real good reason they hide their faces, and it ain't anonymity!As for the majority of the "protest" just a bunch of sheep, either too naive, dumb or lazy to even know what they were mad about, which in fact, turned out to be about 50 people holding American flags and standing for the 1st amendment. Perhaps it's because as of late, it's fashionably cool to be a fucking idiot. Everyone knows you can't throw a rock in Boston without hitting a leftist fruitcake, a date raping frat boy or a drunken douchebag who wants to fistfight. No pun intended, since the antifa threw rocks, bottles and urine at the cops. (Two hours after those pesky flag holding free speech lovers had left, mind you). All week the counterfeit media have been doing puff pieces on antifa, total lies as usual. prom party outfits online store

Communist terror group on a payroll armed with deadly weapons (clubs, bats, metal poles and explosives) committing violence, vandalism and squashing free speech = good

People standing holding American flags and defending the 1st amendment = evil

They think they are the majority, but that's just another hoax being perpetrated by the counterfeit media. The real majority are getting fed up with these millennial punks. Plus, we have guns. Lots and lots of guns. This is exactly the reason for the second amendment. To resist tyranny, and tyranny is what this is. The problem is, they've been given too much, coddled and told they are all winners and everyone is equal. Now the chickens have come home to roost as these brats realize if you sit around and smoke dope in your parents basement, you get nothing. The ones who did go to college are realizing that a degree in Swahili lesbian dance theory doesn't afford a 6 figure salary. Just the tenured Marxist professors who indoctrinated the morons get that. The saddest reality, however, is that these foolish kids don't even realize that the people who pay and instigate them to do what they do see them only as useful idiots. If their employers succeed in their goal of bringing down the United States of America, they will be the first to die in the purge. Exactly like what Trotsky did for Lenin when he pitted the White Russians and the Soviets against each other before the communist revolution. Divide the excess rabble and put them at each other's throats. Then you easily move in, clean up the rest, then take out the potentially subversive and the academia who groomed your fodder. Hell, it only cost about 30 - 40 million lives that time. It's called aggression propaganda, and it's as old as the earth, and we are watching it happen right now. No surprise they are trying to erase history. God bless America.